Lincoln Brewster: The Arms of my Savior.

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Ok, I just want to share to you the son “The Arms of my Savior” by Lincoln Brewster. It is one of my favorite songs and also by my family.

Lincoln Brewster’s Biography: One of the best guitar players.

Brewster has been musically inclined since his early childhood. By the age of 12, Brewster had a band called Lincoln and the Missing Links, which included his mother on bass and vocals.

Due to connections gained in Los Angeles, he had recording contract offers by 19. Feeling an emptiness in his life, Brewster attended church services with his high school sweetheart and Christian, Laura. He recalls feeling God drawing him close after attending a drama ministry performance with Laura. “I was afraid to lay down a lot of things in my life,” Lincoln said. “One night, I laid all my cards on the table. I asked the Lord to come into my life, all by myself. It was the best night of sleep I’d ever had. I was very peaceful. I think that was what enabled me to blow off that record deal.”

In 1997, the Brewsters left California and moved to Nashville to serve as youth pastors and eventually as full-time music ministers at The Oasis Church. It was there that Brewster met with executives from Integrity Incorporated who were there to work on a new Hosanna Music! album. After seeing his talent on the guitar, one executive listened to a demo project Brewster had produced. Already impressed with the production work and artistry, the executive also learned that Brewster had played every instrument and performed all the vocals himself. In 2001, Lincoln moved back to California to become the worship pastor at Bayside Church in Sacramento.

Brewster was signed to Integrity’s Vertical Music label with whom he has released five full-length albums.

While working on his own self-titled (with producer Paul Mills), Brewster worked with label-mate Darrel Evans, contributing vocals, guitar and co-writing on Evans’ Freedom project. He also spent some time on the road, touring with Michael W. Smith during Smith’s 1998 Live the Life tour. Brewster’s second album, Live to Worship (produced by Jeff Quimby and co-produced by Brewster), was released in 2000. According to his biography in his official website, “Lincoln now combines his talents and determination to record songs that will minister to a new generation of believers.”

Brewster’s latest album, Real Life, was released on September 22, 2010. The album’s first released single, was the title track “Today Is the Day”. On September 22, 2009 Lincoln released Today Is The Day (Deluxe Edition), a CD/DVD edition with same songs as Today Is The Day, 2 music videos, a few song stories and a part of his instructional video.

Lincoln released his latest project, Real Life, on September 28, 2010. The record is packed full of upbeat, contemporary worship tracks such as “Best Days” and the optimistic “Reaching For You.”

by the way my family is in the worship team of our church. My father’s the worship pastor, my mom plays the keyboard, I play the drums, my brother’s the guitar player (rhythm/lead), my sister is a back-up singer and my other sister is in the media department. I’m so blessed for being in our church’s Worship Team with my family. It just feels good to Worship the Lord through Music. Thank You Lord for giving me the opportunity to Praise and Worship You with my family. 

Arms of My Savior by Lincoln Brewster

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